Its origins date back to the first period of the Iron age, which corresponds to the first period of Halstatt, in the lapse of time between 800 and 450 b.C..

During the late middle ages, around 1360, right next to Letizia stream is where the first Paper factory in Trentino was placed.Nowadays it still streams on the west side of the house.

The high-quality paper could be dated back to 1400 and it used to be identified through an integral part of a private watermark: crown

Villa Angelica Riva - History
Villa Angelica Riva - History

The Villa

During the first half of the XVIII century the majestic houseshoe-shaped house was built from some individual buildings, which existed before.

The two-floored villa is under the protectorate of the “Belle Arti” and for this reason it is subject to rigorous terms. Even if the passionate guests are offered of authentic accomodations, they are also given of any kind of comfort.During the restauration and renovation in winter 2014 of the large hall (“San Cassiano” apartment) some wall paintings, which are rigorous geometrical, were discovered. They date back to 1650. Few years before, in winter 2009 some similar paintings had been found in one of the small halls, which today serves as a bedroom. These paintings go back to 1800ca. It emerged they were possible copies of the ones discovered in the large hall mentioned before. The garden, in the Italian style, is very large and it covers an area of 5000 sq.m. It has five fountains and a classical fountain monument as a natural theater, which is unique and one of the few, preserved in their original state gardens of Trentino. It is applied at several levels , each accessible by wide stone stairs and accessible to guests who can spend their leisure hours there. The property includes a chapel that existed in the Middle Ages and is mentioned in 1723 in the Archdiocese of Trento register as ” well equipped “. The ceremonies and messes heve been celebrated regularly until today.